Translates biological understanding to cancer therapy

Some years ago a patient with spread and incurable bladder cancer was treated with a pharmaceutical against an unrelated tropical disease. This surprisingly resulted in that the cancer disease as well as the metastasis disappeared together with the tropical disease. Follow-up research suggests that a convenient oral combination therapy, MFA-370, consisting of the tropical medication and another well-established pharmaceutical, further enhance the anti-cancer effect in a wide range of cancer cell lines representing at least 40 % of all cancers.

Today many cancer forms either lack treatment or the treatment is associated with severe side effects in the patients. Ectin Research, however, now offers a combination therapy MFA-370 consisting of two, highly utilized and with limited or no side effects, pharmaceuticals that will facilitate the developmental process to product. The aim of the company is to focus initially on treating metastasising bladder cancer to prove the efficacy of the therapy, and to explore the treatment of other indications further on.

  • Research and Development

    The unexpected findings in the successfully treated bladder cancer patient initiated the interest to conduct a series of in vitro experiments of different kinds of cancer cells utilizing the tropical medicine in the presence and absence of a range of different established pharmaceuticals.

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  • Company

    Ectin Research is managed by a core team of senior professionals from the pharmaceutical industry, clinical physicians and scientists from the academic world in a semi-virtual organization.

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