Ectin Research is managed by a core team of senior professionals from the pharmaceutical industry, clinical physicians and scientists from the academic world in a semi-virtual organization. Where a large network of external complementing competences is consulted when required.

Board of directors

  • Jan Bengtsson

    Chairman of the board

    Jan is chairman of Tangiamo Touch Technology AB, board member of Zenergy AB, board member of Net Trading Group NTG AB and consults as senior finance executive. He has extensive knowledge in capitalisation of a series of companies, e.g. by listing them on Aktietorget and First North, from his work primarily in the hotel, real estate, and restaurant sector. Jan has also a significant experience from the banking industry where he was Vice President of SEB.

  • Christer Edlund

    Christer Edlund, MD, PhD

    Board member & co-founder

    Christer is chief physician in urology, region Halland, and he is the physician who was responsible for the treatment of the previously mentioned bladder cancer patient. Christer has broad cancer therapy experience from treating urology patients for many years and a substantial clinical network.

  • Marie-Lois Ivarsson

    Marie-Lois Ivarsson, MD, Professor

    Board member & co-founder

    Marie-Lois is inspector and medical consultant at the Health and Social Care Inspectorate (IVO) and was former the operations manager and chief physician of the surgical clinic, region Halland. She runs a research laboratory at Sahlgrenska academy, university of Gothenburg. She has a significant academic network, extensive knowledge within the field of cancer treatment and has taken part in a number of larger clinical trials.

  • Peter Falk

    Peter Falk, PhD

    Board member & co-founder

    Peter is scientist at the Sahlgrenska academy, university of Gothenburg. He has wide experience of different experimental models and of methodological techniques for protein detection and a significant network in the scientific community.

  • Hans Ivarsson

    Board alternate

    Hans is also board member of Ivarsson Medical Research AB and consults as senior finance executive. He is a retired finance specialist with a long experience from different roles in the finance industry.


  • Anna Sjöblom-Hallén, PhD, MBA


    Anna is an entrepreneur with extensive experience from her previous work as CEO, and as project manager of different start-ups in the Life Science field where she has managed to create profitable businesses. She has a broad network and knowledge of financing companies, conducting international out-licensing and from heading pharmaceutical development.

  • Steven Glazer, MD


    Steven is an experienced healthcare and biotech professional with extensive knowledge of research and development, medical and regulatory affairs. His background encompasses senior management and hands-on experience from pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostic industries in Europe and the United States. With previous positions such as Medical Director Novo Nordisk, Senior Vice President BioInvent, CMO Hansa Medical and current positions:  CMO RhoVac, CMO Idogen, Board Member, Immunicum, and Partner Ventac Partners.

Partnership opportunities

Ectin Research welcomes established companies in the oncology field in the discussion of potential commercial opportunities using the company’s proprietary technology.

For more information about the company and for the discussion of potential commercial opportunities please contact Anna Sjöblom-Hallén, CEO.