Research and Development


The unexpected findings in the successfully treated bladder cancer patient initiated the interest to conduct a series of in vitro experiments of different kinds of cancer cells utilizing the tropical medicine in the presence and absence of a range of different established pharmaceuticals. Surprisingly, a significant potentiation of the anti-cancer effect was found when combining the tropical medicine with certain specific pharmaceuticals. This potentiation was found in a wide variety of cancer cell lines e.g. bladder, breast, colon and prostate cancer. A specific combination called MFA-370 was chosen based on a number of different criteria as the pharmaceutical of choice to treat severe bladder cancer.
It should be mentioned that Ectin Research prioritises intellectual property rights and has sought patent protection for different aspects of the technology in many parts of the world.

The number of cancer patients in the world is tremendously high and is actually growing every year. Regarding bladder cancer, the 9th most common cancer in the world, around 160 000 people die every year. The reason being that metastasising bladder cancer today lacks an efficient treatment and these patients generally die from the disease. The company will start by proving the efficacy of the combination therapy against metastasising bladder cancer and wait with the other possible treatment applications e.g. against breast, prostate, and colon cancer.

Product development

Product development of MFA-370 for the treatment of severe bladder cancer is in late pre-clinical phase where most of the pre-clinical work has been done including the pre-clinical toxicology. The company plans to initiate a clinical phase I/IIa study in metastasising bladder cancer patients during 2020.