januari 12, 2023

Ectin Research AB initiates collaboration with MSC Nordics

Ectin Research AB (”Ectin” or the ”Company”) has entered into an agreement with the advisory firm M S&C Nordics AB (”MSC Nordics”), as announced in its Press Release of 21 December 2022. The collaboration with MSC Nordics aims to strengthen the Company’s business development capabilities in the ongoing review of strategy and financing opportunities.

Ectin Research has previously announced that it has developed a plan for the continued review of strategy and funding opportunities, one element of which is to engage additional business development capabilities. The plan was adopted and communicated on November 7, 2022 by the company’s Board of Directors.

In line with the adopted plan, the Company has evaluated various partners and has chosen to work with MSC Nordics. The collaboration will begin immediately, MSC Nordics together with Ectin’s management will focus on reviewing the Company’s various opportunities for enhanced financing and strategic partnerships with the aim of creating more options for action for the business and thereby creating long-term value in the Company.

Ectin Research CEO, Anna Sjöblom-Hallén:

”We have already successfully engaged MSC Nordics for smaller business development assignments in the past and now look forward to further deepening our collaboration with them.”

MSC Nordics CEO, Julia Fransson:

”We have extensive experience in supporting life science companies with business development and look forward to deepening our collaboration with Ectin Research. We are pleased to contribute to Ectin’s development and the important work they are doing for patient groups with severe medical needs.”