Medicine not ´miracle´

MFA-370: a novel therapy eliminating cancer tumors

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A novel therapy for metastatic bladder cancer,
founded on a ‘medical miracle’

When clinical urologist Dr Christer Edlund witnessed the complete remission of terminal bladder cancer in a 65-year-old patient, many described it as a ‘medical miracle’. But at Ectin we don’t believe in ‘miracles’. We believe in research.

As that patient’s journey with cancer ended, our journey towards MFA-370, a novel therapy for eliminating cancer tumors, began.

Bladder cancer – The 5th most common cancer in Europe and the US

MFA-370 will be trialled first with a Phase I/II study for metastatic bladder cancer, a highly recurrent cancer that caused 200,000 deaths in 2020. Current treatment options can often inflict severe side effects. MFA-370 is planned to be a simple oral tablet offering the hope of improved quality of life during the most painful period of patients’ lives. In preclinical tests MFA-370 has eliminated prostate, breast and colorectal cancer cells too.

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