maj 15, 2024

MFA-370 induces unique gene expression pattern when regulating tumour cell growth

Ectin Research AB (“Ectin”) has announced that the company has performed gene expression analysis, demonstrating that the combination treatment MFA-370 has unique and widespread effects on genes involved in the regulation of tumour growth.

Ectin has previously shown that MFA-370 has tumour cell inhibiting effects. The company has now, in collaboration with the preclinical Contract Research Organization (CRO) generated gene expression analysis data from stimulations of MFA-370 on three different cancer cell models (bladder cancer, triple-negative breast cancer, and uveal melanoma) and demonstrated that MFA-370 gives rise to unique and widespread effects on genes associated with the regulation of tumour progression. The effect on the gene expression pattern is considerably more significant for the combination treatment MFA-370 than for the individual substances themselves.

“Our investigations confirm that the synergistic antiproliferative property of MFA-370 correlates with specific changes in gene expression. Ectin has thereby demonstrated a comprehensive insight into the mode of action for MFA-370. This information is an important step towards identifying biomarkers to select patients most suitable to be treated with MFA-370, which takes us closer to a biomarker selection strategy for patients in our upcoming clinical programs”, says Austin Smith, CMO of Ectin Research.

The investigation is still ongoing and aims to identify MFA-370’s potential role in modulating the tumour microenvironment and how it may potentially affect different kinds of immune and pro-inflammatory pathways associated with tumour growth.