MFA-370 Phase I/II trial

mUBC is one of the world’s most aggressive cancers, current treatments can be tough to tolerate. MFA-370 is planned to be a simple oral tablet developed to eliminate tumors safely, with few if any side effects.

Ectin has now obtained regulatory approvals in Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania, as well as CTA/EC approval in Germany for its combined Phase I/II clinical trial of MFA-370.

How it all started

When clinical urologist Dr Christer Edlund, witnessed the remarkable remission of terminal inoperable mUBC, some described it as a ‘medical miracle’. But research revealed that the multi-diseased patient had, in recent months, been prescribed a standard medication for a parasitic infection he had picked up – in addition to his regular treatments. This was the clue that started the development of MFA-370.

 A repurposed combination therapy of tried and tested drugs

MFA-370 is a combination of a medication from that substance family, together with one other standard, well-established drug. Both are tried, tested and trusted treatments that have already undergone large-scale clinical trials.

Quality of life in a critical time

End-stage mUBC patients often face treatment options with severe side effects, MFA-370 is planned to be a simple oral tablet offering hope of improved quality of life during the most painful, challenging periods of their lives.

High potential

      • Promising efficacy in a range of different preclinical tests has been demonstrated by MFA-370, which was developed following the ’patient zero’ case, inspired by its findings
      • Few if any potential side effects in the treatments that make up MFA-370
      • Oral administration (tablet) means reduced social costs and increased quality -of-life

Positive preclinical antiproliferative results on prostate, breast, colorectal and uveal melanoma cancer cells 

In addition to MFA-370 showing positive preclinical results in mUBC, it has also eliminated e.g. prostate, breast and colorectal cancer cells in preclinical tests too. Recent preclinical investigations have in addition strengthened and expanded Ectin’s preclinical portfolio to also include the breast cancer subtype triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) and the orphan condition uveal melanoma (UM).  

Planned Phase I/II study in metastatic bladder cancer

Ectin has obtained all regulatory approvals in Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania and in Germany for its combined Phase I/II clinical trial of its drug candidate MFA-370 for the treatment of mUBC. The company will initiate the study when financing is in place.

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A robust IP position

Ectin Research prioritizes intellectual property rights and has sought patent protection for different aspects of its technology in several parts of the world.

We currently have approved and issued patents protecting our technology in major cancer markets including 22 European countries, the  US, Canada and Australia.