februari 1, 2024

Ectin Research preclinical studies of MFA-370 indicate both dampened tumor growth and a tumor-shrinking effect in animal model for triple-negative breast cancer.

On January 31, 2024 Ectin Research AB announced that its combination therapy MFA-370 in contract research had demonstrated both a dampened tumor growth and tumor-shrinking effect on triple-negative breast cancer tumors in animals. The new preclinical studies in an animal model support the company’s previous positive preclinical research results of cultured triple-negative breast cancer cells treated with MFA-370

Ectin has previously demonstrated in preclinical studies with several different contract research organizations, both in Sweden and abroad, that MFA-370 has antiproliferative (growth-inhibiting) effect and that the cancer therapy causes specific cell death in various experimental culture models of triple-negative breast cancer cells.

Continued preclinical studies on mice of the combination treatment MFA-370 were carried out in collaboration with a contract research organization and results indicate that the animals’ triple-negative breast cancer tumors are not only dampened in their growth but also shrink when treated with MFA-370. The results from the animal studies thus support previous preclinical studies of MFA-370. The dosage of MFA-370 used in treating the animals will further contribute valuable information to Ectin’s clinical program.

Anna Sjöblom-Hallén, CEO of Ectin Research: ”Ectin has focused on investing in preclinical research for some time now, so it is very gratifying that the results indicate that MFA-370 also has a cancer treatment effect in an animal model of triple-negative breast cancer, which is a very aggressive form of breast cancer.”