Medicine not ´miracle´

MFA-370: a repurposed combination  therapy aiming to eliminate cancer tumors

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A repurposed combination therapy for the elimination of cancer tumors,
founded on a ‘medical miracle’

When clinical urologist Dr Christer Edlund witnessed the complete remission of terminal metastatic urothelial bladder cancer (mUBC) in a 65-year-old patient, some described it as a ‘medical miracle’. But at Ectin we don’t believe in ‘miracles’. We believe in research.

As that patient’s journey with cancer ended, our journey towards MFA-370 began.

MFA-370 is a repurposed combination therapy aiming to eliminate cancer tumors.

Our preclinical portfolio

MFA-370 will be trialled first with a Phase I/II study for mUBC, a highly recurrent cancer with current treatment options that can inflict severe side effects. MFA-370 is planned to be a simple oral tablet offering the hope of improved quality of life during the most painful period of patients’ lives.

But MFA-370 is not just for uMBC. Preclinical tests on MFA-370 show antiproliferative effects on, for example, prostate, breast and colorectal cancer cells too.

Recent preclinical investigations have strengthened and expanded Ectin’s preclinical portfolio to also include the breast cancer subtype triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) and the orphan condition uveal melanoma (UM).

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